It is said that the world’s first online poker game was played in January 1998. Although it started around this time, not everything went smoothly, and it took several years to operate normally due to system malfunctions and deposit / withdrawal errors. After that, it seems that it was in the early 2000s that ordinary people could use it with peace of mind.

Nowadays, many players from all over the world are participating in online poker, but how many do you think is the largest in history? The largest number of Guinness World Records in history is 307,016.

This record was the moment this number of players logged on to 42,814 poker tables in September 2009, and is still the highest ever.

The longest play in the world is 115 hours! ??As you can imagine people who have played poker as well as those who have never played poker, poker is a brain-war and a test of concentration. If you push the limits, how long can you continue to play poker?

There is a player who has pushed the limits of human beings. And 115 hours (4.7 days) was certified as Guinness as the longest time in the world. This record was set by Phil Laak in Las Vegas, USA in 2010.

During the play, it was allowed to take a break of 5 minutes per hour, and the break time was carried over and a 30-minute nap was taken only once. In addition, it seems that about 130,000 spectators from 90 countries were watching online as they challenged this record.

An ultra-luxury poker set for $ 6.7 million! ??

When you think of poker, you always get the impression that huge prizes come into your eyes, but it’s not just the prizes that are gorgeous. The world’s most exclusive poker set is priced at what seems to be a prize, and is said to be a whopping $ 75 million.

This poker set was created by a luxury gaming brand called Geoffrey Parker in London. The details are 384 chips made of 18K gold, each with a jewel on the edge of each chip, white diamonds with white diamonds, blue with sapphire, red with rubies and black. Is designed with black diamonds. Also, the cards are made of platinum … The case that contains them is a case of crocodile leather with 18K gold and diamonds, and it seems that the tezine is still packed with splendor.

Approximately 22,364 gems, totaling 1012 carats. It seems that you will receive it in about 6 to 9 months to purchase. It contains a lot of fascinating gems and gold, so the price will change due to market fluctuations. ..

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